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Going to a Pakistani Wedding? Here Are Your Dressing Options!

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Bridal dresses by Pakistani designers are well-known. These wedding dresses represent wedding customs and civilizations. In Pakistan, weddings feature Maayoun and Mehndi and Baraat and Walima.

Despite their name, pre-wedding events are part of the wedding. These traditions express the affection and warmth of the bride’s and groom’s families. Over time, upper-middle-class and affluent families have added new pre-wedding events. Shendi and Shalima are the most popular amongst the newly introduced events in the country.

Before Getting Started

Foreigners are curious about whether Shendi and Shalima are traditional or just a new trend, and what bridal dresses to wear. The couple and their family make the final decision. Conventions and traditions are irrelevant to new generations. Therefore these recent events are simply an opportunity to spend more time and have more fun with loved ones.

Your only issue could be simple but tiring questions. What bridal dresses should you wear to these events (or any wedding event)? What happened to your wedding gowns? Here’s an article to guide you on what to wear to each function at a Pakistani wedding. If you want to slay at a family wedding, keep reading.

What You Need to Know About Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani bridal dresses are beautifully unique and reflect the country’s diverse culture and traditions. These extravagant dresses feature brilliant colors and glistening embellishments, as well as stunning designs and unique accessories.

Dress Styles

Here are the top 7 bridal dresses styles you can select from:

  • Lehnga
  • Angrakha
  • Sharara
  • Gharara
  • Farshi Pajama.
  • Bridal Gown.
  • Shalwar Kameez

A Pakistani wedding is a festivity that generally takes over several days to complete. Every day, the bride and everyone else is expected to dress up in new outfits for the guests to admire.

The Color Tones

During Mehendi and Maayoun, greens and yellows are worn. On Baraat, reds are chosen, while at Walima, softer tones are preferred. When it comes to make-up, it’s elegant and feminine without being excessive. Before the big event, Baraat, it is preferable to keep things simple.

Types of Pakistani Wedding Dresses by Event

Below is a detailed review of the types of wedding dresses you could wear at each of the following events.


Mehndi is a pre-wedding event that occurs one or two days before the main event. The bride and groom’s families send yellow-themed delicacies and henna on the opposite side. At the same time, the betrothed couple celebrates separately with friends and relatives.

This lehnga for mehndi will likely be green or patterned with yellow and orange fabrics. The make-up is relatively easy, and the clothing is lovely but not tacky. Wearing a  lehnga for mehndi might be one of your best options.


Traditional Pakistani wedding songs are sung, and percussion instruments are used to celebrate. A conventional yellow attire is virtually always worn by a Pakistani bride in this country. Floral henna designs complement this, and the groom’s name is sometimes incorporated into the artwork. With her yellow luxury pret, a woman will also wear a veil.

Shaadi and Nikah

This is the official Islamic wedding ceremony, which begins in the bride’s home. This is attended by family and friends, and men and women are frequently separated. After that, the Shaadi ceremony takes place. This is how a wedding reception is done in Pakistan. The bride wears a latest bridal lehnga, consisting of a purple, crimson, or pink tunic with a veil and wide-legged slacks that finish above the knee.


On their last day as husband and wife, the couple organizes a dinner party together. A bride will again wear a lot of gold jewellery and a pastel-coloured dress. A good idea might be going for a party wear saree that you can easily get on Daud Abbas.

What Type of Wedding Dresses are Trending in 2022?

The first on our list of trending bridal dresses is Angrakha style frocks, which are a highly adaptable version of traditional Mehendi attire. These are the ensembles that never go out of style or fashion. It’s a mash-up of Pakistani and Indian influences. Whatever the occasion, these will never let you down.

A sharara, also known as a gharara, is a classic Lucknowi attire consisting of a pair of wide-legged pants that fall below the knees. It’s a must-have for weddings because it’s so adaptable. A peplum-style dress or a plain shirt can be worn with gharara pants. You will have a trendy and outstanding image regardless of what you wear with it. Along with that, the trend of lehnga for mehndi is evergreen.

Top 3 Dresses for Each Category!

Our top favourites from Duad Abbas Dayar-e-Ishq collection are listed below:


A beautiful mix of a classic cutline with a bold black hue. This set features intricate black-on-black embroidery, sequins, and pearl fringe lace on the hem. It’s paired with a stunning dupatta. Borders are multicoloured and ornamented.


Elegant gold embroidery, diamantes, pipework, silver Sitara, and pearl handwork adorn this timeless classic white costume. The statement heavily embroidered sleeves and a stunning embellished dupatta give this garment a modern feel.

Sang e Marimar

Make a statement in Sang E Marmar. To complete the appearance, a grey net lehenga is rendered in glowing tilla and embellished with sequins, beads, pearls, diamantes, and zardozi work. It is finished with jamawar and net frill coupled with a scallop border dupatta. This  latest bridal lehnga is going to make your wedding quite memorable.

The Verdict

Pakistani designers are well-known for their bridal dresses in 2022. These wedding dresses are representative of wedding traditions and culture. In Pakistan, weddings feature Maayoun and Mehndi, as well as Baraat and Walima.

Despite their name, pre-wedding events are part of the wedding. Both are traditional and express the bride and groom’s families’ devotion to one another. Upper-middle and upper-class families have introduced new pre-wedding events over time. The most popular newly launched events are Shendi and Shalima.

Key Takeaway

Foreigners are curious about whether Shendi and Shalima are traditional or fashionable. The wedding clothes are chosen by the couple and their relatives. New generations are unconcerned about traditions and rituals. As a result, we believe that recent events are simply an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones and have more fun. Moreover, if you are looking for latest sarees online, we have an entire collection for them too.

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