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When you step into a room full of people who are elegantly dressed, it is only fair that you too are matching the energy. Walking into a luxury event without wearing the right clothes might not be something you would ever want to do. This is why people start prepping for events and wedding dresses way before the dates arrive, it is because everyone wants to style up as gracefully as they can. Wearing the most beautiful designer dress or luxury pret that would have people turning their heads to stare at you, is the goal.

Where can you can formal dresses for women that are designed to your satisfaction? Won’t you want to buy good Pakistani brand dresses that you can style at any wedding or luxury event without having to worry about being under-dressed? You can make certain of this by buying just the right formal suits for women for this summer season.

Where to Buy Ready to Wear Dresses in Pakistan?

Where you can buy formal wear for women in Pakistani malls and other stores, seems like a lot of work. Especially if you are running on low time. It is not an option to go to each shop and try to find formal luxury clothing articles for you. It will take a lot of your time. However, it is much easier to get your hands on pret wear if you buy from brands online. Daud Abbas’ Summer Collection 2022 offers this to you with quite an ease. And makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

When you go to their site, you can simply click on their luxury formal dresses option. This will direct you to the dresses that you are looking for. These formal dresses for women are made just for your luxury wear. The Summer Collection 2022 makes it much easier to settle for a dress as you wouldn’t have to look too much. The brand will guide you towards their bestselling dresses that are bought mainly to be worn as pret wear.

Daud Abbas Luxury Formal Wear

Daud Abbas Summer Collection 2022 has a line of formal suits for women that you can buy from them. These are stitched to perfection with their heavily fashioned and embroidered style; they are the perfect companions to a wedding or a grand event that might require luxury dressing.

They have different collections for you to choose from, including luxury formal dresses one. This has some ready to wear dresses that are waiting to be bought by you.  You can choose the price range of your liking as well with the options they give you and buy one that is in your budget and can be afforded easily too. It is time you get ready for any upcoming event.

Daud Abbas Summer Collection 2022!

Daud Abbas formal dresses are gracefully designed for your benefit. They are aware of all the necessities a dress needs to have to be able to fit well with the trends going on. So when you wear these dresses, you feel dressed for the occasion.

The luxury dresses that Daud Abbas’ Summer Collection 2022 has to offer are:

Choosing the Right Formal Wear for Women

Once you decide to buy from Daud Abbas’ collection of luxury pret, you can choose from a diverse variety of formal clothes for women. Whether you choose to buy Moh e Najaf with its intricately designed copper touch on top of a black article or you decide to go for the eye-pleasing blue colors of Sang e Marrmar. If not these two, you can also go for Almas and the graceful saari look it allows you to carry. This saari is going to be eye candy for everyone who sees you at any event wearing these formal clothes for women that you bought from Daud Abbas’ collection.

Key Takeaway

With the wedding season coming to its climax, it is time you start to prepare for the events in your full glory as well. It is important to make investments in luxury clothing so that you can be ready for any event that comes your way almost immediately. With Daud Abbas’ collection, you can ethereally handle the events and own them with your looks. No matter what dress you decide to go for, you will be able to rock it with grace.

Other than that, there is a sale going on for Daud Abbas formal dresses that you can take advantage of and get your desired dresses at half their actual price. This means that the dresses that are for 119,998/- can now be afforded at only 59,999/-. So without further ado, head over to Daud Abbas’ website and avail of this brilliant offer so that your wardrobe gets to have these amazing ready to wear dresses.

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Bridal dresses by Pakistani designers are well-known. These wedding dresses represent wedding customs and civilizations. In Pakistan, weddings feature Maayoun and Mehndi and Baraat and Walima.

Despite their name, pre-wedding events are part of the wedding. These traditions express the affection and warmth of the bride’s and groom’s families. Over time, upper-middle-class and affluent families have added new pre-wedding events. Shendi and Shalima are the most popular amongst the newly introduced events in the country.

Before Getting Started

Foreigners are curious about whether Shendi and Shalima are traditional or just a new trend, and what bridal dresses to wear. The couple and their family make the final decision. Conventions and traditions are irrelevant to new generations. Therefore these recent events are simply an opportunity to spend more time and have more fun with loved ones.

Your only issue could be simple but tiring questions. What bridal dresses should you wear to these events (or any wedding event)? What happened to your wedding gowns? Here’s an article to guide you on what to wear to each function at a Pakistani wedding. If you want to slay at a family wedding, keep reading.

What You Need to Know About Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani bridal dresses are beautifully unique and reflect the country’s diverse culture and traditions. These extravagant dresses feature brilliant colors and glistening embellishments, as well as stunning designs and unique accessories.

Dress Styles

Here are the top 7 bridal dresses styles you can select from:

  • Lehnga
  • Angrakha
  • Sharara
  • Gharara
  • Farshi Pajama.
  • Bridal Gown.
  • Shalwar Kameez

A Pakistani wedding is a festivity that generally takes over several days to complete. Every day, the bride and everyone else is expected to dress up in new outfits for the guests to admire.

The Color Tones

During Mehendi and Maayoun, greens and yellows are worn. On Baraat, reds are chosen, while at Walima, softer tones are preferred. When it comes to make-up, it’s elegant and feminine without being excessive. Before the big event, Baraat, it is preferable to keep things simple.

Types of Pakistani Wedding Dresses by Event

Below is a detailed review of the types of wedding dresses you could wear at each of the following events.


Mehndi is a pre-wedding event that occurs one or two days before the main event. The bride and groom’s families send yellow-themed delicacies and henna on the opposite side. At the same time, the betrothed couple celebrates separately with friends and relatives.

This lehnga for mehndi will likely be green or patterned with yellow and orange fabrics. The make-up is relatively easy, and the clothing is lovely but not tacky. Wearing a  lehnga for mehndi might be one of your best options.


Traditional Pakistani wedding songs are sung, and percussion instruments are used to celebrate. A conventional yellow attire is virtually always worn by a Pakistani bride in this country. Floral henna designs complement this, and the groom’s name is sometimes incorporated into the artwork. With her yellow luxury pret, a woman will also wear a veil.

Shaadi and Nikah

This is the official Islamic wedding ceremony, which begins in the bride’s home. This is attended by family and friends, and men and women are frequently separated. After that, the Shaadi ceremony takes place. This is how a wedding reception is done in Pakistan. The bride wears a latest bridal lehnga, consisting of a purple, crimson, or pink tunic with a veil and wide-legged slacks that finish above the knee.


On their last day as husband and wife, the couple organizes a dinner party together. A bride will again wear a lot of gold jewellery and a pastel-coloured dress. A good idea might be going for a party wear saree that you can easily get on Daud Abbas.

What Type of Wedding Dresses are Trending in 2022?

The first on our list of trending bridal dresses is Angrakha style frocks, which are a highly adaptable version of traditional Mehendi attire. These are the ensembles that never go out of style or fashion. It’s a mash-up of Pakistani and Indian influences. Whatever the occasion, these will never let you down.

A sharara, also known as a gharara, is a classic Lucknowi attire consisting of a pair of wide-legged pants that fall below the knees. It’s a must-have for weddings because it’s so adaptable. A peplum-style dress or a plain shirt can be worn with gharara pants. You will have a trendy and outstanding image regardless of what you wear with it. Along with that, the trend of lehnga for mehndi is evergreen.

Top 3 Dresses for Each Category!

Our top favourites from Duad Abbas Dayar-e-Ishq collection are listed below:


A beautiful mix of a classic cutline with a bold black hue. This set features intricate black-on-black embroidery, sequins, and pearl fringe lace on the hem. It’s paired with a stunning dupatta. Borders are multicoloured and ornamented.


Elegant gold embroidery, diamantes, pipework, silver Sitara, and pearl handwork adorn this timeless classic white costume. The statement heavily embroidered sleeves and a stunning embellished dupatta give this garment a modern feel.

Sang e Marimar

Make a statement in Sang E Marmar. To complete the appearance, a grey net lehenga is rendered in glowing tilla and embellished with sequins, beads, pearls, diamantes, and zardozi work. It is finished with jamawar and net frill coupled with a scallop border dupatta. This  latest bridal lehnga is going to make your wedding quite memorable.

The Verdict

Pakistani designers are well-known for their bridal dresses in 2022. These wedding dresses are representative of wedding traditions and culture. In Pakistan, weddings feature Maayoun and Mehndi, as well as Baraat and Walima.

Despite their name, pre-wedding events are part of the wedding. Both are traditional and express the bride and groom’s families’ devotion to one another. Upper-middle and upper-class families have introduced new pre-wedding events over time. The most popular newly launched events are Shendi and Shalima.

Key Takeaway

Foreigners are curious about whether Shendi and Shalima are traditional or fashionable. The wedding clothes are chosen by the couple and their relatives. New generations are unconcerned about traditions and rituals. As a result, we believe that recent events are simply an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones and have more fun. Moreover, if you are looking for latest sarees online, we have an entire collection for them too.

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12 12 sale Overview

Want to escape from the cold and snow? Read on for some helpful advice about what clothes your kids should wear, how they can stay warm during these winter months.

As the temperatures drop, you must prepare your kids for winter wear 12 12 sale. Before they go outside in this cold weather, be sure to dress them appropriately and provide some warm clothing, so their bodies stay at an optimum temperature when bundled up! Why not make this year’s winter break the best one yet? Why spend your days in a stuffy room when you can be outside and active. With two basic rules to keep in mind, navigating through all those choices is easier than ever:

How to Dress Kids for the Winter Weather?

Buying cheap isn’t always the answer to winter fashion. Make sure it will hold up during a snowball fight or quick sled ride Expecting to take your child on a walk, but it’s raining?

12 12 sale on kids clothes

12 12 sale pakistan

Then attach an extra layer, like a rain jacket or coat. You’ll also need one for each other, depending on how warm things get inside! For adults feeling overheated from being outside too long, use sunscreen as needed throughout the day and night when temperatures begin cooling down again after sunset.

How Much Cold Is Too Cold to Take Kids and Babies Outside?

One of the best ways to keep your child warm in winter clothing is by playing outside with them. So even if it may feel too cold, take off those boots and go for a quick walk around the block!

The next time you’re planning an indoor activity on freezing days or nights, remember: there are benefits in being active indoors as well, like staying entertained without using screens. At night when they can’t see the light from electronics shining through windows onto bedsides’ walls — they explore faraway places together instead.

The best way to keep your children safe during cold weather is by following some simple guidelines given for safe fashion clothing. If you are not sure what the appropriate outdoor temperature should be, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Is Cold

In the winter, it is important to stay close by in case of any emergencies. It can be hard for your child if they get sick or have an accident while outside, so make sure you always keep them with you when possible!

Layer. Layer. Layer.

If you want your kids to be warm and comfortable in any winter outfits, they must wear layers. Layers help trap body heat, so the cold doesn’t get through like an open windbreaker with no insulation or winter coat underneath their clothes. It also helps keep moisture away by creating air pockets where needed most — that means if storms are coming later today, I won’t worry about them getting wet since their undergarments will ensure closeness all around!

Choose A Base

You can choose between various fabrics for your base layers, but the most common is wool. It’s both moisture-wicking and anti-odor, so it will keep you drier in hot weather or when working with certain materials like leather that aren’t always great at soaking up a sweat (or other liquids). Brands such as Icebreaker provide high-quality options while still keeping prices reasonable; however, some people believe synthetic fibers offer better bang per buck because they dry much faster than natural ones do!

Add a Mid-Layer

It’s time to put on your mid-layer on your children’s clothing. This layer of clothing will do more than keep you warm; it also helps manage body heat, increases insulation, and can be used as an emergency rain jacket! Fleece pullovers or zip-up jackets with insulating panels perfect for springtime runs through fields into autumn treks across mountain tops. There is something here for every child clothes who enjoys being active outdoors in any season.

Engine’s clothing is known for its comfort, but it comes in many weights. There are light small-grid options and polyester Sherpa fabric that compliments added warmth on tops of other materials like fleece or soft shells.

Top It Off with an Outer Shell

The outer shell of junior clothing is the layer that will protect your child from rain and snow. It should be windproof, waterproof with breathable fabrics to keep them warm in colder weather or cool during hot summer days when there isn’t a cloud in sight! The lining provides insulation so you can enjoy all of their adventures without worrying about getting too chilled — most lightweight jackets are made out of hydrophobic down feathers, which means they won’t get wet no matter how much moisture may accumulate on their surface due to sweat or tears if it gets submerged underwater(though some down coats come equipped with special coatings).

Softshells are jackets that have an incredibly breathable, water-resistant outer layer. They’re perfect for very active winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing!

Now for the Hands, Heads, and Feet.

It’s important to have dry feet this time of year. Choose cute winter outfits with nice winter boots for your child, don’t forget about their comfortability and ability to get on easily without hassle so they can play outside longer before coming inside!

12 12 sale on clothes

12 12 sale

It’s time to get your kids’ feet into some new boots, and we’re here with everything you need. Unlike most stores that sell one type of shoe or another these days- 12 12 sales on Engine has something for everyone! Whether they want waterproof winter boots, so their toes stay dry in the snow (and keep them warm too!) sneakers when it will be summer before long enough already, sturdy dress shoes perfect both work and play — or even flip flops if all else fails at sea level humidity levels on a vacation destination.

Scarf or Gaiter?

Cool and dry or warm and wet? That’s your choice. When you do online shopping for kids’ wears in Pakistan, try both on your child. Scarves can look more stylish, but gaiters close all gaps between the jacket and head, don’t run the risk of getting caught somewhere-and they’re just as functional when it comes to keeping you cool on those hot summer days!


It’s time to put on your winter gear. Make sure you have a waterproof outer layer and the right shoes or boots for this weather, as well! You can always refresh an older jacket in the washing machine with a solution designed specifically for water resistance before wearing it again if yours isn’t quite up to snuff anymore.

Make Sure Winter Clothing and Shoes Fit Properly

When you’re dressing your baby for the winter months, it can be tricky to find clothing that fits them comfortably. Baby clothes tend to come out big and then grow too small by fall or early winter when they need new outfits again! When shopping for warmer temperatures (or just being a general parent), keep in mind how cold our little ones might get so we don’t strangle their circulation with tight shoes/boots if these aren’t appropriate sizes right from day one — well-fitted socks will help there as well.

Always Pack Extras

It’s always a good idea to pack extra cute winter outfits in your child’s diaper bag before you leave the house. Young children are especially susceptible to spills, leaks, and other accidents that can leave them feeling damp — which is why it’s important to do kids online shopping for emergencies!

Pay Attention to Indoor Attire

It’s not just about coats and gloves for winter! The way your child dresses indoors can make a big difference, too. Ideally, their home’s temperature hovers around 68 degrees to 72 degrees; if you have an infant or toddler who needs more layers than what is comfortable in clothes on hand, use sleep sacks at night, so they don’t get overheated from being bundled up too much while sleeping — monitor them often if necessary as it may seem like they’re doing fine when isn’t enough protection against cold weather outside due intensity of heating inside homes.

What If Your Kids Refuse to Wear Winter Outfits?

Evaluate the problem. Is there a tag inside that scratches their skin? Are clothes too tight around the neck and shoulders, leaving them feeling damp or chilled when wearing itchy fabrics such as wool? If so, try giving your child another hat from an online boutique with different sizes for boys/girls available instead of arguing about getting rid of these items altogether!

Always Accessorize

If your child faces cold winter temperatures, be sure they don’t get caught without their hat and gloves as part of their winter wear. Make it easy on them by selecting snug-fitting accessories that allow for visibility from underneath their hats and the use of hands while bundled up!

Scarves and hoods can be a choking hazard for children because they are often designed to grow with the child. When possible, opt instead for mittens which allow most fingers to remain close together while still providing warmth without suffocating little hands or trapping air under their helmet’s cuff like elastic does when wrapped around an infant’s neck.

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Winter colors for girls

Your closet with new winter colors

There are so many colors other than black and grey that you can wear and make your style in winters. However, in winters, most people elegantly choose the warm choice. We have written this article to help you select mesmerizing colors this winter to update your closet with the winter trends. Start reading and keep following the ongoing fashion trends.

Winter Fashion for Women’s in 2021

We all are aware of one thing, and that is women are always shopaholics. No matter what season or trend is going on every year, women want to style as no other had ever styled. And indeed, it’s an excellent habit that you must dress up well. Staying warm yet stylish in winter is not that difficult as you think. However, it is the easiest time to look stylish and keep yourself warm altogether. Many bright colors are used for the trendy winter colors. Moreover, many people like you don’t know the fashion trend of bright colors during winters. Don’t worry! This article will help you put fantastic styling information about women’s fashion this winter.

Top 3 Colors to Style with!

There are many colors that I can mention you to style in winter but keeping it short, let’s grab the information about the best three shades. Okay so! These are the top three colors you can style within the winter season excluding black and grey shades.

  1. Burgundy

This is the color loved to be applied to your hair. Imagine the shine and attractiveness of the color onto your outfit this winter. It can be in any style. The spark of the color won’t let the style of the outfit seem dull.

  1. Mustard Yellow

This is the color that always appeals to one’s eye. This shade is always worthy to be styled within winter. Mustard yellow is basically the mix of red, green, and yellow shades. However, it is always the best color to wear in winter.

  1. Plum

Style yourself with the most attractive color you must wear in winter, which is plum. Plum color is one of the shades of purple color in the dark and brighter tone. This color has a unique spark in it. Anyone who wears it well remains attractive.

Shade Mixing for Winter Closet

Now coming out of the top 3 colors, let’s talk about the shades you can mix and wear the best winter fashion trend. There are a lot of colors you can mix to generate the basic and trendy winter colors for your outfits. However, some of them are the best ones and here you go!

  • Candy Tones
  • Brown and Carmine
  • Greenery and Yellow
  • Monochromatic Tones

There are some divisions for the winter season which are known as bright, dark, and true winter. According to which your outfits depend. Mostly in the dark winter season, you must wear a dark shade. On the other hand, when it’s the time of true winter, that means you must catch some warm body fits for your winter styling. Furthermore, as the name indicates, when it is the time of bright winter like snowfall, rain, or, windstorm you must wear a brilliant bright color with a darker tone according to the trendy winter fashion for women.

Engine Winter Fashion

Engine Winter Fashion for women

What do women wear in winter?

It’s a really common question but it has so many confusing answers, as you know now by reading the blog the winter season is actually divided into three divisions according to the weather situations. So now it is easy for you to choose the colors according to the ongoing winter fashion trend. And now it’s time to make an easy path for you to choose your winter outfit according to the situation.

Occasional Outfit in winter: As we all are aware that in Pakistan winter season is actually considered to be the most of all a wedding season. This means that winter is all booked for the celebrations. Now how you may dress for such an occasional event, simple if you are looking for traditional clothing you must have an eye on; Velvet & Silk.

Effortless Styling: Are you lazy? And still, want to stay stylish cozy in the winter season? Okay now let’s have some information about effortless styling in the winter because usually everybody just can’t get out of their blanket during winters so how can you give a proper time for your styling! No worries there is always a solution to a problem and for this problem here it is:

  • Shearling coat layer on a printed dress along with fitting into the leather boots.
  • Dark color full-length wool coat, your dad’s hat, and a pair of white shoes.
  • Warm color shearling jacket layer on a blazer sleeping in your wardrobe along with black jeans and shoes.
  • Quilted jacket and cargo pants and add on shades for a cool look.
  • Bomber jacket and jeggings with white long boots.
  • Any long woven top for women with high heels and any cool denim jeans.
Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion 2021

Now Let’s Shop the winter Hip-Hop!  

A change to your standard shading wheel is that the easiest method of illuminating dull outfits. Particularly in winter. We are enticed to stay within the warm and soft reminder naval force, dark and dim. As you follow the ideas above, you’re up for an impressive even examine the colder time of year season. Most girls value wearing western outfits more highly during winters, as we have explained to you the winter color combinations; now, where to induce these combinations with the most effective designs? Engine clothing provides the foremost up to dated styles with the trendiest colors. Visit the website and begin adding to your cart now.

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